Masterpieces from the the Museum of Fine Arts Budapest
Hungarian National Gallery (1 July 2015- 31. December 2017)
The exhibition at the Hungarian National Gallery proudly displays a rich selection of some of the chief works held by the Museum of Fine Arts Budapest, which is closed for reconstruction, scheduled to last three years.

A total of fifty-seven masterpieces accompany visitors on a journey through the history of art, beginning in Antiquity, taking in the Gothic, Renaissance and Baroque eras, and arriving at the turn of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. In addition to important relics from the Collections of Egyptian Antiquities, Classical Antiquities and Old Sculpture - including such key items as a statue of the scribe Imhotep, the famous "Budapest Dancer" and a character head by Messerschmidt - the exhibition also offers a taste of the Museum's deservedly world renowned Gallery of Old Masters.

A diverse range of schools, periods and genres is presented through works by such giants of art as Raphael, Correggio, El Greco, Memling, Bruegel, Cranach, Van Dyck, Frans Hals and Bellotto. These are followed by more modern works, among them paintings by Monet and Gauguin, and Rodin's celebrated sculpture, Eternal Springtime, which the Museum bought directly from the sculptor himself. This exhibition offers an unique opportunity for visitors to sample the highlights of all the collections of the Museum of Fine Arts Budapest in a single show.