Lily Rose Depp has been nominated for French Oscars
The apple doesn't fall far from the tree: 19 years old daughter of Johnny Depp and Vanessa Paradis has been nominated for a second time to a César Award as 'Most Promising Actress' of the year, following her performance in French dramedy 'A Faithful Man'. The young model-actress is praised everywhere for her 'French charm and American confidence'.
The César Awards in France are equivalent to America's Academy Awards, and every year there's a category entitled 'Meilleur Espoir Féminin' awarding the best performance by a young and emerging actress. In 2017 Lily Rose Depp has been nominated for her performance in 'The Dancer', incarnating the famous Isadora Duncan.
In 2019 critics praise her for her role in 'A Faithful Man', a romantic dramedy telling the story of a quirky love-triangle and starring Louis Garrel and Laetitia Casta besides Depp. The film has been also directed by Louis Garrel, who, coming from a family of prominent French cinematographers, is known to have a good eye when choosing his collaborators. Lily Rose plays Eve, an unstable young woman obsessed by love and challenging her older rival Marianne (Casta). Critics agree that this is the young actress' best role yet, a relatable and vulnerable human being instead of the glamorous vamp her character resembled in 'The Dancer'. Her career will go on ascending as currently she is shooting 'The King', acting as Princess Catherine of Valois with co-star Timothée Chalamet playing Henry V of England. They also form a couple in their civil life.