Save the Planet ! - 5 Eco-Friendly Tips
Let's go green together !
Do you know that there are many easy everyday tricks you can do in order to live a more environmentally conscious life? The benefits are endless: protecting the planet will nurture your optimism, so you will feel more positive about life. Let's go green together !
1) Package Free Shops
Tons of plastic, paper and other useless materials you throw out into the bin - who needs those any more? In the package-free shops you can buy everything you need without leaving a large ecological footprint behind. In Budapest the most recommended package-free shops are Ligeti Bolt 1-2 and Ne Pazarolj Zero Waste Shop & Café. To prefer seasonal local vegetables and fruits to exotic ones is also a good decision, you can buy them at local market halls.

2) Water Filter Jugs
The age of plastic bottles is over. You can help stopping the ecological impact that these materials make on our environment by boycotting bottled products in the future. In Budapest the tap water is absolutely drinkable, the quality is above the European standards. But if you are picky you can still improve the quality and taste of the water by having a water filter jug. Brand Laica also has a recycling programme here in Budapest, you can throw the used filters into their selective bin at Zöldpolc Eco-shop.

3) Share a Ride!
Are you heading somewhere nice and have extra space in your car? You want to travel in an Eco-friendly manner? There are several carpooling services available in Budapest, connecting drivers with empty seats to people who want to travel, like Blablacar or Motar. If you want to discover the city and go green at the same time, mollimo and molbubi are at your service, the former offering electronic smart cars, the latter cute green bicycles to loan after registering on their app.

4) Wear Vintage !
Fast fashion is one of the largest enemies of our environment, not to mention the ethical drawbacks (remember the 2013 Dhaka garment factory collapse). Do you know that there are eco friendly ways of being chic and fashionable? Retrock offers cool designer and second-hand clothes in various sizes and styles to fill your garderobe with. If you pop in to Szputnyik, you will also find a unique outfit which will make you look special and help you feel good at the same time.

Do you have a dog or a cat? Unfortunately their canned food and kibbles come with lots of other materials like plastic, metals or paper. Good news is, you can lessen your impact on the environment and care for your pets at the same time: offering them Biologically Appropriate Raw Food (BARF) not only improves their health, but also helps you to leave a smaller ecological footprint. Prey animals like rabbit or quail are perfect for them, they can be bought at market halls. You can also make their food yourself by grinding meat and bones with a grinder and adding some fibres and vitamins (e.g. pumpkin, Taurine, fish oil).