Rambo V: Last Blood
American, action, 89 min, 2019
2019. szeptember 19 - 25.
The 73-years-old Sylvester Stallone is practically unstoppable: the "Expendables" franchise, the "Creed"-movies, the "Escape Plan" trilogy, and now the fifth part of the Rambo series are all undeniable proofs of his wonderful capability.
The title is referencing the name of the first film in the franchise, 1982’s "First Blood". Four decades after, John Rambo spends his time in peaceful retirement at his farm in Arizona, trying to get rid of all his wartime traumas. Unfortunately this tranquility cannot last, and he must step up again and confront a Mexican sex -and drug cartel, as the granddaughter of his housekeeper has been kidnapped by the gang. Stallone shows that he's still got zest, fighting his way through this grim but spectacular last chapter, which becomes a worthy closure of the legendary series.