Akik maradtak - Those who remained
Hungarian, drama, 88 min, 2019
2019. szeptember 26. - október 2.
A subtle, nice film about the possibility of starting over. 16-year-old Klára finds a father figure when she meets Aldo, a middle aged gynecologist. They have one thing in common: they both lost their family during the holocaust.
They handle their traumas in different ways: Aldo is always silent about his loss, while Klára denies the tragedy and pretends that her family is still alive. Somehow they become soul mates: they find a reason to live on, helping each other. Nobody should expect a Lolita-remake here: though the temptation might be there, this film presents a pure and sexuality-free relationship between two human beings who were seriously hurt but still wanted to find out what life has in store for them.