Gemini Man
American-Chinese action, 117 minutes, 2019
2019. október 10 - 16.
Though one may praise the technical achievement of the film, unfortunately the story reminds us of a clumsy B action movie made in the '90s.
Director Ang Lee shot the movie at 120 frames per second, which delivers the sharpest picture ever: that, combined with 3D technique results in an incredibly realistic cinema experience. But the story is too dull and unoriginal to become enjoyable, or even relatable, in spite of Will Smith's still evident charm. He plays Henry Brogan, an aging assassin of the government who wants to retire, but first he would like to get some answers concerning his latest mission. Somebody evidently objects to that, so Henry soon finds himself targeted by a younger version of himself, a clone raised to become the perfect hitman. It may sound exciting, but the dialogues are rather ridiculous. It is recommended to find a theater that has a projector that will show 'Gemini Man' at 120 fps and in 3D, because otherwise not even the visual experience can save the film.