Frozen II
American, animation, 103 min, 2019
2019. november 28. - december 4.
Frozen has become the most successful animated Disney movie ever, winning completely over children, adults, critics and all. Probably the most unnecessary review follows, as everybody will go and watch the sequel anyway.
More catchy songs ('Into the Unknown' is already considered the new 'Let it Go'), more magic and emotional moments for us: though Disney plays it safe, 'Frozen II' is still a rather charming film, which explores further the history of Arendelle and the relationship between the two sisters. We learn that north of Arendelle lies an enchanted forest inhabited by magical spirits and a tribe called Northuldra. Once upon a time they turned against the Arendellians and access to the forest is now blocked by magical fog. To calm the supernatural forces, Troll leader Pabbie tells Elsa and Anna that they need to find the truth of what happened in the past, and off to adventure the sisters go together with Kristoff and Olaf.