Ocean's 8 American, thriller, 110 min, 2018 21 June 2018 - 27 June 2018
It's time for Debbie to make up for lost time and do something really memorable.
The spirit of Flamenco - Interview with dance artist Zsófia Pirók
A dedicated and strong-willed young artist, always taking the untrodden path.
Open-air Bars and Terraces - Part Two
As we step into summer we would like to spend more time outdoors.
BrodyLand - The pulse of artlife in Budapest Budapest, Brody Studios
Brody Studios is a hidden melting pot of local & global open-minded and interesting individuals.
Ocean's 8 American, thriller, 110 min, 2018 21 June 2018 - 27 June 2018
It's time for Debbie to make up for lost time and do something really memorable.
Ocean's 8 21 June 2018 - 27 June 2018
It's time for Debbie to make up for lost time and do something really memorable.
Love, Simon 21 June 2018 - 27 June 2018
Simon has a really good life: understanding parents, cute friends, but he has a secret.
Story Slam @Brody Studios Budapest, Brody Studios, 26 June 2018 20:00
Visit Brody Studios for Story Slam and join in the fun! Some of Budapest´s best storytellers will set the tone and for the brave the microphone will be open later on. Theme of the night: 'Money'. Bring your friends to enjoy a night of crazy stories and perhaps that will remind you to your wildest adventure, waiting to be shared with the public.
Barbi & Jancsó Budapest, Esernyős, 28 June 2018 19:00
Blahalousiana band is one of the most popular formations here nowadays, they have won the public over with their charming 'all-in-Americana' style and of course there was no one who could avoid falling under the spell of their magnetic singer Barbi. She often plays in duo with the band's guitarist, next time you can catch them at Óbuda.
Casablanca Budapest, Városmajori Szabadtéri Színpad, 28 June 2018 21:00
The pub of the cynical Rick is the meeting place of swindlers, gamblers and people awaiting their visas. This is where the Czech Viktor László arrives with his wife Ilsa – they are also in dire need of two visas. Rick recognizes Ilsa as his lover from Paris and the recognition is mutual.
Gozsdu Montmartre Budapest, Gozsdu Udvar, 26 April 2018 10:00
Gozsdu Montmartre is an art bazaar and live painting & exhibition in Gozsdu Udvar, every Thursday from spring to autumn between 10.00 - 18.00. It provides a good possibility for local artists to finally step out of their studios and present their work to a wider range of people.
Our Melting Future Budapest, Magyar Természettudományi Múzeum, 21 April 2018 - 02 July 2018
Connected to this year's Earth Day, an intriguing and thought-provoking exhibition opens in the Hungarian Natural History Museum. It gives us an insight into the work of two dedicated nature photographers, Tibor Kércz and Csaba Komáromi.
Good bye extra weight, hello sports !
You don't really fancy being in crowded gyms but you don't like the idea of doing push-ups at home all alone either ? Let's stir things up a bit, and have a look at some of the coolest sport activities which are very much in vogue nowadays. Don't be shy, try your hands at something new! Hopefully everybody can pick one from this list, as you know it's never too early to start building that shapely dream silhouette for the summer...
Future Park The world's most modern scientific playground is waiting for you! Budapest, Párizsi Nagyáruház, 28 April 2018 - 23 October 2018
It is the first time that this supermodern, interactive playground opens its gates in Hungary. It connects the virtual world with reality in a special way that will be appealing to children and adults alike: drawings can come to life in this magical space, and you can also conduct an orchestra by touching light balls.
How to get the Budapest Look
Are you interested in fashion? Are you fed up with the ready-to-wear garments sold in most of the shops? Is the quality of the materials important to you and would you like to know how ethic was the making process? This article will show you a couple of Hungarian designers who might be able to satisfy all your special demands. Attention! The following pictures of beautiful clothes may cause an excessive desire to go shopping.
Film premieres

Ocean's 8

American, thriller, 110 min., 2018


American-French-German-Spanish, romantic drama, 112 min., 2017

Love, Simon

American, romantic drama, 110 min., 2018

Jim Knopf und Lukas der Lokomotivführer

German, family, 105 min., 2018

Truth or Dare

American, horror, 100 min., 2018
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