Total Records – The great adventure in album cover photography

Robert Capa Contemporary Photography Center (16 June - 2 October 2016)
This exhibition shows more than 400 hundred of the most prominent and iconic album covers. Sometimes the music, sometime the photographer is the one who made them famous and well-known for pop culture.


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The image of Abbey Road has come down through the past half-century just as surely as the Beatles’ music. The Rolling Stones’ Sticky Fingers record sleeve featured Andy Warhol’s famous crotch shot, but the world’s foremost photographers, including David Bailey, Hiro, Annie Leibovitz and Robert Frank illustrated some of the group’s other album covers. 
Small format, great consequences. The history of music binds strictly with that of photography: each photographic milestone left its imprint on the vinyl covers. As time capsules do, these square-format surfaces provide a comprehensive view on the history of photography, enclosing music and picture in the same entity. Photographers have long cooperated with musicians to design album covers and musicians have also submerged into deep details of photography to find the strongest photos that fit their music the best. 

More than 400 iconic album covers are on display in Capa Center’s exhibition titled Total Records – The great adventure of album cover photography. The show opens on 15 June and features such great visual artists as Andy Warhol, Yoko Ono, David Bowie, Damien Hirst or Annie Leibovitz. 

Every technique—from photojournalism to photomontage, photo booths, photos used for a purpose other than that for which they were intended, overexposed photos and photos within the photo— can be found in these 30×30 cm squares. The deeper you dig, the vaster the subject seems. 
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