Sena live band, Minimyst

A38 (29 October 2016)
One of the most original voices on the Hungarian music scene, Sena Dagadu presents her charmingly rich programme of funk and soul to hiphop, world music and beyond. The support act will be by the great ambient-pop band, the Minimyst.

Sena Live Band

The allround popular personality of Sena Dagadu is well-known almost for everyone who has been to a Budapest night concert or a Hungarian festival. However, she is best known as the lead singer of the Irie Maffia band even though she released a magnificent solo album in 2008 titled First time.

After three years she is ready with a new album that features outrageously good songs that are going to be played for the very first time on this very night. Sena will be accompanied by the great musicians of the Irie Maffia band, who will this time play their smoky blues, soul and funk with less power and more sense.


After his first EP “Loyal”, Minimyst, the singer, songwriter and producer introduces his debut LP “Hard Water”, which showcases a complex and diverse style by planting the music of live instruments into electronic music in a special way. He labels his music style as ”down pop” which alludes to the mood of the deep, lyric-based, new wave music of the 80s and to the buoyancy of certain kinds of mainstream electropop music. The record feature guest musicians to enrich the collection of multifarious beats.


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