Amorf Ördögök

A38 (11 November 2016)
After an eight years break the trash-pop band, Amorf Ördögök that returned last year will replay its legendary album released in 2000 titled Betyár a Holdon.


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Amorf Ördögök (Amorphous Devils) is a room-disco band and a junk-pop expertgroup. They mix fresh electronics with dance music from the sixties, suburban tangos with fast grooves. The band was formed by of one of the best composers and authors of texts and his secondary school friends, who launched their third album in 2005 on the A38 with explosive success.

The band was formed back in 1993 by Ambrus Tövisházi, who recorded and made music with Szabolcs Tariska for long time unissued. Five years later Bori Péterfy, actress of the Krétakör Színház joined with her outstanding voice and charming appearance. Since then they have made a lot of film-scores and three albums,their fourth will be soon released. They are one of the funniest, weirdest and most original bands from Hungary.


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