Children’s Island at Óbuda Hajógyári Sziget

Budapest, Óbudai-sziget (Hajógyári-sziget), 2018. június 1-2, 8-9, 15-16, 22-23.
The largest and most colorful family event of the city welcomes visitors on the weekends of June 2019! Come to the island, and you will see, that to loosen up during the summer and connect with nature not always include lots of expenses and traveling abroad.


Open every weekend in June, Children’s Island offers a variety of programmes: recreational outdoor activities, concerts, puppet theatre performances, workshops and handicraft occupations are waiting for the children and their parents on Hajógyári Island. The musical programs feature the most popular figure of the local children’s music scene: Halász Judit, whose charming songs have not ceased to fascinate the public for over thirty years now. We can also catch other key figures like Gryllus Vilmos with his faithful guitar and his band Kaláka, not to mention beloved avantgarde diva Rutkai Bori (also a painter and an expert in plastic arts) who has created the wittiest and most creative children’s albums of the last few years.   Apart from music, there are plenty of other programmes: children can test their sense of balance by walking on slacklines, learn how to juggle, build model airplanes, discover the islands’s flora and fauna, learn about road safety, the ones who are into physics and chemistry can visit the tent of the Palace of Wonders Interactive Museum, and of course there is a petting zoo which is hugely popular with children every year.  


Film premieres

Wreck-It Ralph

American, animation, 92 min., 2012
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