Budapest, Millenáris, 2017. június 3-4.
Millions of little colorful bricks are waiting for the fans at Millenáris on the first weekend of June.


Fun for kids and adults alike, Lego never ceases to amaze us: it helps to develop our creativity and problem solving skills as we sit pondering over a heap of little pieces, wondering how to construct vehicles, buildings or working robots. As a matter of fact, we can do all that at Lego Store Show, and much more: sport programs and other family activities are waiting for those who visit Millenáris on this special occasion. The children can take part in several playful competitions and they can test their skills at the different thematical Lego boards (such as the Star Wars, Ninjago, Nexo Nights or Elves Lego boards), and take pictures of the life-size Lego sculptures.
For the untiring ones there will be an indoor playground offering various activities.
Furthermore, the event features celebrated hungarian football and handball players who will be joining in the quizzes and other competitions throughout the day.
Let’s get on board then, and discover together our inner child!
12 May 2017

Film premieres

Wreck-It Ralph

American, animation, 92 min., 2012
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