Playgrounds Part I. – Pest side

Up in the air so high, swinging up and down...
Having enough of crammy indoor programs? Time to up and discover the colorful playgrounds of the city. Are you in for some battle-cries and fresh air? Let's go.
There are plenty of possibilities for children to channel their energy in the best possible way: playing and socializing with other kids.

Let’s begin with a new favourite: Olimpia park, a multifunctional community space near the Parliament Building on the left bank of the Danube, was under refurbishment and opened its gates again in 2014. Since then it became the most acclaimed public park in Budapest. Eye-catching with the enormous Olympic Rings visible from far away, and with its beautifully maintained lawn, it draws locals and tourists eaqually for some relaxation. There is an outdoor rubber basketball court and a football ground, while a large, boat-like climbing frame dominates the playground. Safety is provided for the children as the area is covered with rubber tiles and mulch.

Other cherished island of peace is french style Károlyi-kert: only 5 minutes away from buzzy Astoria it’s like a hidden fairy realm, calm and green with a fountain and flower beds. It’s not that though, nor the ample and up-to-date playground and big shady sand pit that makes it a real favourite of children: no, it’s something else. It’s Karcsi. The huge black Belgian Hare (found by the park workers once as a tiny little castaway bunny) lived for 7 years in the garden and was petted by kids and adults alike. A year after his demise, a new, young bunny has taken his place in the comfy rabbit cage under the trees, but Karcsi is still there too: a bronze sculpture is guarding his memory for future generations. 

One can stumble upon great examples of ingeniousness at the most unexpected places: some of the firewalls in Budapest are bound to surprise us. These walls were built for protection against fire between buildings, but in the course of time some of the buildings could disappear, leaving vast grey surfaces behind, very unpleasant to see. But this is about to change, and the firewalls enclosing the playground at Király utca 23. are showing signs of that. Thanks to the enthusiastic team of Suppré-Neopaint, we can imagine ourselves standing in the middle of a delightful green valley, while colorful hot air balloons are gliding through the sky above the trees. The playground is not too big, but you can find the usual outdoor play equipment: swings, a seesaw and climbing frames with a slide. But above all this, the paintings in the background are providing a cheerful, unique atmosphere appriciated by the visitors.
01 June 2017

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