Playgrounds Part II. – Buda side

Up in the air so high, swinging up and down...
Having enough of crammy indoor programs? Time to up and discover the colorful playgrounds of the city. Are you in for some battle-cries and fresh air? Let's go.
The right side of the river Danube also offers many great spots to play. Located in the Buda Hills there is a small meadow called Anna-rét offering a great new playground for visitors. A 20 minutes bus ride from Széll Kálmán square takes you into the middle of the forest: the area called Normafa was undergoing refurbishment just recently, and one of the results can be seen at Anna-rét playground. The new outdoor play equipment is featuring Pillango (Butterfly), a special seesaw with four-seats on two springs, which makes it possible for disabled and non-disabled children to play together. There are seats for the non-disabled kids, while disabled children can lie down and the wings of the butterfly will prevent them from falling when the seesaw rocks gently with the movements. There are several climbing frames, swings, a twisted slide and various wooden figures eg. a friendly green spider.

Margaréta is another great hit of the 12th district. Situated at the corner of Margaréta street and Kiss János altábornagy street, it is probably the biggest and most popular playground of the area, offering a colorful and creative space suitable for smaller and bigger kids alike. It is rather like a minor village with wooden houses and a tractor, and also huge wooden daisies growing from the sand. Children can feel themselves absolutely transported to the land of their imagination, and no doubt they could spend a whole day there discovering the many different playing equipments. Moreover, there is a rubber basketball court and a ping-pong table for the sporty ones. Lavatories are installed too.

If your child has great affection for bedtime stories and folktales, no doubt Zöld Péter thematical playground at Millenáris Park (a result of more than 20 visual artists’ work) is the best choice for a day outing destination. The kids can follow the story of Zöld Péter as each toy in the park is connected to this hungarian folktale. In the entrance, the swineherd boy welcomes visitors, with a group of piglets behind his back. Other characteristic figures appear as we pass, such as the evil stepmother, the cat, and the soldier. One can admire the king’s castle, or the traditional ox drawn carriage. Though in fact you don’t have to be an expert on fairy tales to enjoy this park: it is so well equipped that children will also have a kick out of it without being acquainted with the tale. They can exercise themseves on climbing nets and ropes, on a treadwheel, or they can try different seesaws and slides, and a small merry-go-round. All this surrounded by a peaceful environment: kids and parents will appreciate the ponds of the park full of water lilies, ducks and fish. During the summer ice-cream and refreshing drinks are waiting for the visitors at the small outdoor bars of the park.
01 June 2017

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