Sightseeing with children

Discovering the city with your little one(s)
Visiting the popular and hidden gems of Budapest with kids might be easier than you think, as great adventures are waiting for the family following the course of public transportation.
Everybody likes to travel by the cogwheel train of Buda Hills. The Budapest Cog-wheel Railway (officially known as Tram line number 60) runs between Városmajor and Széchenyi Hill. The chubby red vehicles are often admired by children as they climb uphill at a comfortable speed, like friendly bright caterpillars mounting a branch, with a nice rattling sound.

Choosing Fogaskerekű for a day outing is a good idea, as several exciting activities are waiting en route. Let’s begin with Városmajor Park: nicely refurbished in 2014, it’s one of the popular chill out places in Budapest. Rambling on the shady paths beneath the trees can be refreshing during the summer, there is a small playground too, and thanks to the recent developments sport fans can practice parkour, street workout, tennis or other sports on the outdoor fitness equipment.

A few stations away from Városmajor the cogwheel train stops at Városkút. A little downwards where Béla király út meets Városkúti út, there is a charming area called Devecseri Park, where we find the so called Squirrel playground, dominated by the figure of a big wooden squirrel, ideal for small children, but the constructors thought of the bigger ones too: there’s an elliptical trainer with other workout equipment and the whole place functiones as a casual outdoor community space.

A few minutes' walk away from Városkút station there is another idyllic destination at Költő u. 21: we can visit Jókai kert, the ample garden of a well-known hungarian writer who lived there in the 19th century. Now it is a protected historic garden which can be freely visited every day from 10.00.-18.00., and you can purchase tickets for the exhibitions of the Hungarian Ornithological and Nature Conservation Society and Petőfi Literary Museum, whose buildings can be found there. The latter is a room furnished to offer an insight into the writer's life and era, presenting his manuscripts and other personal items. In the garden children can spot many different bird species and other forest dwellers such as squirrels. Alongside one of the paths, there is an impressive petrology collection providing a showy background for pictures. The growing grape vines are reminding us of the once active viticulture of the hills. Visitors can have some rest at the carved stone table and bench, Jókai himself used to like sitting there with his friends during summer afternoons.

If we take off the train at Svábhegy station, we will find Szépkilátás Patisserie just in front of us, where sweet-toothed people can have their heart's desire: cakes, ice-cream, croissants, bonbons - practically everything that can soothe a sudden sugar craving. During the summer we can eat in the Patisserie's nice garden.

The final station of the cogwheel train is Széchenyi-hegy, where we can buy refreshments at the little restaurant called Kőbüfé, and there is a park with two playgrounds, we find them rambling the narrow zig-zag paths under the trees. Also, where the Cogwheel Railway ends, that’s where the Children’s Railway begins, but that will be another story.

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