Tram Line no. 2. of Budapest

Discovering the popular and hidden gems of Budapest might be easier than you think, as great adventures are waiting for us following the course of public transportation.
Trams cast a spell over most children. They like its bright yellow color, the way it glides magically on its track with the help of electricity, and it doesn’t go too fast, so they can watch the panorama from the window. As an adult, maybe we are not so conscious of these things any more, but the pleasant sensation remains as we sit by the window and the tram passes softly with us. Tram line No. 2 of Budapest is generally considered as one of the best sightseeing routes, running between Jászai Mari tér and Közvágóhíd. Let’s see what does it offer for travelers.  

Jászai Mari tér
: Art enthusiasts must walk along Falk Miksa utca, the antique shops and galleries (eg. Kieselbach Gallery) of the street are worth visiting. Unique gifts and souvenirs can be found there. Jászai tér is also a good place for an afternoon snack, nice cafés (including new-wave ones) and street food bars are waiting for the visitors, even vegans. Columbo fans can take a picture of the bronze statue representing the Lieutenant with his dog. 

Országház, látogatóközpont
: Sightseers can admire the Parliament Building, built in neo-gothic/eclectic style, and nearby Olimpia park is ideal for having a little rest.  

Kossuth Lajos tér
: Rambling on to the river bank, at Antall József rakpart there is a memorial called Shoes on the Danube bank, remembering the victims of the Arrow Cross terror. 

Széchenyi István tér
: It is a nice walk along Zrínyi utca, famous for its clubs and restaurants, while at the end of the street stands the St. Stephen’s Basilica, one of the most imposing sights of the city.  

Eötvös tér
: Walking down the riverbank there is Kossuth Museum Ship, a 100-year-old paddle steamer which survived in its original form. Apart from the museum, it accomodates the restaurant Vén Hajó.

Vigadó tér
: A beautiful neo-classical building, Vigadó cultural center offers various programs, concerts and exhibitions. The statue of the Little Princess, sitting on the railings of the Danube Promenade is a well-beloved selfie spot.  

Március 15. tér
: It is a good place to sit for a while and contemplate the panorama of Gellért Hill and Buda Castle, standing on the other side of the river.  

Fővám tér: Great Market Hall is a must-see for tourists. The building itself is impressing, the gate having a neo-gothic touch, and the roof covered with colorful Zsolnay-tiles. Opened in 1897, it is the biggest market hall in the city, stuffed with delicacies, fresh vegetables, fruits and quality meat products.
Other popular place nearby is Bálna, a commercial, cultural, entertainment and leisure centre accomodating a market place, galleries, restaurants & more. The building combines the architectural traits of different eras. The historical brick building and the concrete structures typical of the last century are embraced in a computer designed metal-glass shell. Having a beautiful Terrace and an exeptional panorama, it is a well-beloved chill out spot in the city, while the building also function as a sculpture, a cityscape element. 

Tram line no. 2 is holding one more tourist attraction for us: that is Bajor Gizi park at Müpa - Nemzeti Színház station. The majestic buildings of the National Theatre and the Palace of Arts are worth a little observation, and the large park provides a good hunting place for the children. They can lost themselves in the hedge maze, and discover the ziggurat, a little tower imitating mesopotamian temples. The adults can take a look at the statues of famous hungarian actors and actresses.  

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