Budapest from Bird's-Eye View

Enjoying the city panorama and having fun at the same time is possible: let’s discover some of the special vehicles of the capital which give us the possibility of seeing Budapest from bird’s perspective, and admire its unique beauty as it lies beneath our feet.


The Zugliget Chairlift (a.k.a. Libegő) continues to raise spirits since 1970. It provides a nice panorama of the city and the journey is especially pretty during the spring when the chairs are floating through the blossoming trees growing in the gardens below. The line is 1040 m long, the journey time is 15 min in both directions with a level difference of 262 m between the two stations. The valley-station is located in Zugliget, which can be reached by bus No. 291. The mountain-station is located on János-hill. Buses No. 21 and 21A from Széll Kálmán tér run to Normafa, from where the Chairlift is a 20 -30 minutes’ pleasant walk in the forest.
'Libegőzés' is considered to be an ideal family program, and also a good venue for first dates (though at least one member of the party should be comfortable with heights). Children generally have great fun along the route in spite of whimpering 'Mummy, it's scareeey' at the entrance. Before we get off the chairs a photograph will be made automatically by a camera, we can buy it in the souvenir shop at the exit after checking it on the screen. It is recommended to guard the tickets, they provide a 50% discount from the price of the Little Sightseeing Tour in Városliget.

Buda Castle Funicular was made in 1870 on the initiative of Ödön Széchenyi who got the inspiration for his plan in Lyon. Leading a rather adventurous life he liked to travel a lot, in London he was so impressed by the local Fire Department that returning home he organized the fire brigades in Hungary. After, he went off to Constantinople and organized the first local fire brigade there, he is venerated ever since as the 'Fire Pasha' by the Turks.
The Funicular is still the most popular historic vehicle of the city. Although the ride takes only a few minutes, it provides a unique view on the prettiest face of Budapest. The Danube and the surrounding historic buildings never fail to amaze the travelers. The line is 95 m long, with a level difference of 50 m between the two stations. It runs up and down the Castle Hill every 10 minutes from Clark Ádám tér.

Budapest Eye, the huge Ferris Wheel at Erzsébet square cannot boast with such a historic past being only 3 years old, but from the very beginning locals and tourists have unanimously embraced it to their bosom. It has become an important cityscape element, and also a good way of combining sightseeing with having fun. Standing 65 meters tall and having 42 cabins, it is the largest mobile ferris wheel in Europe. The ride takes about ten minutes, so travelers can admire the imposant St. Stephen's Basilica, the Chain-Bridge and all the beautiful buildings of the city centre.


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