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Former superhero and former governor Arnold Schwarzenegger shows his more dramatic side again in 'Aftermath', a film based on a true story. On the summer of 2002 a passenger airplane crashed at Lake Constance. The culpable was one of the air traffic controllers in charge.
71 people died in the accident, 52 children among them. The air traffic controller retreated into living incognito, but was stabbed to death two years later. The movie (featuring Darren Aronofsky as one of the producers) is inspired by the circumstances and the effects of the tragedy. The father played by Schwarzenegger is grieving the loss of his wife and daughter, he wants revenge, and begins to hunt for the responsible.

'Aftermath' could be a great movie, if all the essential parts were not equivalent to the trailer. The remnant 90 minutes are nothing more than contemplations over the terrible event, interpreted by an actor obviously used to other types of character.
02 June 2017
Hungarian title: Utóhatás
American-British thriller, 94 perc, 2017
The lives of two strangers are irrevocably interconnected due to a tragical plane crash.

Elliott Lester

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