Alien: Covenant
Ridley Scott recently admitted that omitting the xenomorphs from 'Prometheus' was a bad idea. In the light of this revelation his new movie is bursting with monsters, but the focus remains on the relation between the creator and the creation.
The story focuses on the relation between mankind and the artificial intelligence created by them. The central character is David, the surviving android from 'Prometheus', who escaped in a spaceship and made it to the engineers' planet. There he had done something the creators had never expected. Paradise transforms quickly into hell, and when the crew of the spaceship Covenant arrives in the search for new planets to colonize, it will be David who awaits them.

We can see Michael Fassbender in two different roles as beside David he plays also Walter, the artificial intelligence of the new ship. Those who liked the philosophy of 'Prometheus' won't be disappointed as this sequence reveals more about that. The difference is that this time the audience gets its share of horror scenes, the movie being recommended only for those with a strong stomach.    
02 June 2017
Hungarian title: Alien: Covenant
American-British , 122 min, 2017
The crew of Covenant lands on the new planet in order to create a new life space for humans by colonizing it. But they have no idea about what they would face when they get there...
Directed by:

Ridley Scott

Distributor: InterCom
Premiere: 18 May 2017
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