Zoos & Tropicariums in Budapest

A walk on the wild side.
In the capital there are many possibilities for connecting with nature and discover the wildlife of European forests. Some places even go further and transport us to far away oceans and exotic jungles. Let's take a look on the zoos and game parks that Budapest offers for us.


Margaret Island 'mini' Zoo: Often referred to as 'pet zoo', this park is very popular among visitors. It is very easily accesible by trams no. 4 and 6, there is no entry price, and beside the pet zoo one can discover the whole island which hides more than one tourist attractions. The conception of this zoo is to show us some of the animals which roamed on the island a couple of hundred years ago, or bred in the gardens of the monastery. We can admire the graceful deers with their spotted little ones, welcome the nesting storks after their journey, search for the shy rabbits among the grass, photograph the showy peacocks, and feast our eyes upon the colorful Mandarin ducks and the fluffy Silkies. At the further end of the island there is a Japanese Garden with tortoises, fishes and ducks.

Budapest Zoo: This prestigious 150 years old establishment stands comparison with all the reputable zoos in Europe. The beautiful ornamented gate welcomes more than one million visitors every year from all over the world. This is the biggest wildlife park in Hungary. It is recommended to plan a longer excursion as there are many species waiting to be discovered. The indoor exhibits feature (among lots of others) a Butterfly House, a Crocodile House, an Elephant House and a Savanna House. The new favourites are the two recently arrived young polar bear brothers, playing and gambolling in their pool. The makis of the Madagascar House are also hugely popular among children, such as the gentle coalas in Australia House. During the summer many additional daily programs, feeding spectacles and evening concerts are waiting for the public.

Budakeszi Wildlife Park: Accessible by buses 22A and 222 from Széll Kálmán tér, just a little step away from the capital's borders, this game preserve aims to present European forest dwellers in their original habitat. The surrounding woodland is a fascinating setting for a family outing, and one can really see how the big forests of Europe looked like before human intervention. Before entering the game park, we can admire the little Peasant's Courtyard featuring traditional farm animals like goats, sheep, cows, rabbits and mangalica pigs. The Wildlife Park has many celebrities, including Hubert, the pride-and-joy of the game park's workers. He is the oldest lynx ever seen in captivity, with his 23 years he is a real matusalem. In the wild a lynx generally lives 12-13 years. Next to Hubert there is Csaba, a magnificent young lynx, a popular subject to photographers. The visitors can also admire among lots of other native species the elusive Eurasian wolves, the frolicking wild boars, and the two brown bears playing on the hillside.

Tropicarium: Hidden in Campona Shopping Center at Budatétény, there is an amazing aquatic world to discover. This exotic zoo transports us into the realm of mysterious oceans, steamy jungles and tropical forests presenting such characteristic animals as aligators, reptiles, birds, little monkeys, and thousands of colorful fish species including sharks. At the rays' pool everybody can pet and feed these peculiar creatures, and the shark feeding spectacle on every Thursday is also very popular among visitors. Under the sharks' aquarium there is a 12 m long corridor making possible for us to admire these wonderful predators near-at-hand. After visiting the tropicarium we can refresh ourselves in the bars and restaurants of Campona.

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