Skanzen for Children

The open-air ethnographic museum of Szentendre
Szentendre, Szentendrei Skanzen
Szentendre, this picturesque little town on the Danube bank has always been a favourite among tourists due to its colorful programs and beautiful setting. Probably its most appealing attraction is this unique open-air museum about Hungarian culture. The Skanzen would like to give us an insight into what everyday life was like back in the old days in rural Hungary, how the artisans made their products and how the communities supported each other.


The Skanzen's intention is not only to present, conserve and bring closer to us the cultural heritage of rural Hungary: it also wants to be a place where people can have a good time, a place good to return to.

For the kids its like a huge playground full of interesting spots to discover, teaching them in a playful way and offering meaningful occupations in a special environment they wouldn't find elsewhere.
They can try their hand at packing, serving and shopping at the Little Shop, direct and perform their favourite tales in the Puppet Theatre, make a family portrait in the Photographer, or harvest the crop at the Kids' Farm. The Magic Barn is waiting for them with interactive exhibitions fun to discover. They can meet the characteristic animals of rural life like the famous puli dog, racka sheep or mangalica pig.

The Skanzen offers craft activities for adults too, they can learn about the making of traditional cakes, herbs and home-made creams, and also about leather production or weaving.

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