Everything, Everything

Lethal deseases tend to get a romantic shade when adapted to Hollywood movies made for teenagers. There are no unbearable and embarassing symptoms and everything falls into place in the end.
The whole scene seems rather idyllic with postcard-like settings and citations from Paolo Coelho. This movie is an adaptation of a novel by Nicola Yoon. A teenage girl, Maddy is suffering from a rare illness: her immune syswtem is so weak that she can't leave her sterilized home.For 18 years she endures these rules, but then a handsome young man moves into the apartment next to hers, and for him maybe she is ready to give up security.
Stella Meghie's adaptation is a corny and lurid melodrama, but maybe ideal for teenagers as a romantic summer movie.  
31 July 2017
Hungarian title: Minden, minden
American romantic drama, 96 min, 2017
A teenage girl who has never been outside of her house falls in love with the boy next door.
Directed by:

Stella Meghie

Distributor: Fórum Hungary
Premiere: 03 August 2017
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