Ice, ice baby - Part Two

A quick survey of the best ice-creams in Budapest.
01 July 2019 - 30 September 2019
Summer is in the air, and there is no one who wouldn't welcome gladly a soothing cone of this delicious, cool material to combat the heat: ice cream is like a universal language, everybody likes it regardless of age and nationality. Fortunately people with diabetes or on a diet can also indulge themselves as there are lots of sugar free versions. This list is far from being complete, but if you go and try any of the following brands you surely won't be disappointed, and of course feel free to discover further ice creameries to your taste. Remember: you can't buy happiness, but you can buy ice cream and that's kind of the same thing.
Fragola: One of the most popular brands in Hungary, it lures us with a charming design and a wide variety of quality ice creams from selected ingredients, without additives or food coloring. They also offer sugar free ice creams which are nonetheless delightful despite of being lower in calories. They have lots of water-based sorbets full of colorful, healthy and delicious fruits, a very ideal choice on a hot summer day. Among the most acclaimed flavours are the lemon-basil and the banana-raspberry. They also have milk based ice creams, you would surely want to try their dense, dark and sensuous chocolate fondante or their refined cream & almonds flavour, and their pistachio is also very popular: not very sweet and focusing on the real flavour of the nuts.

MAMO gelato: The genuine Italian ice creamery of Budapest, bringing us all the good traditions of the genre, like rich texture and full flavours much to the delight of the quality gelato fans. The combination of handcraft production, fresh ingredients, enthusiasm and imagination has gained them an excellent reputation throughout the years. Among their most acclaimed flavours there are the egg-flip, fruits & ricotta, salty peanuts or pistachio ice creams. You can also try their granitas, ghiacciolos and ice-bons to boost the experience. Check out their ever changing repertoire for sugar-free and lactose-free alternatives.

Artigiana Gelati: Hiding at Csaba street 8. near the Széll Kálmán square metro station there is a real gem of a gelatery where you can find probably the best ice-cream of the Buda side. This place was a pioneer of bringing Italian tradition to Budapest, and still holds its ground among the ever increasing number of new gelateries. If you visit them once you are bound to return again and again for the flavours you wouldn't find elsewhere. Be sure not to miss their Sacher-cake ice cream with rich apricot jam, bits of sponge-cake and delicious dark chocolate. Unforgettable.

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