The Nazis hide some French gold in a Bosnian village but due to an explosion by the partisans the territory will be soon under water. After a few decades a team of Navy SEALs realize that a hidden treasure is waiting for them beneath the lake.
The writer Luc Besson succeeded in putting three of his favourite things into the script: the Balkans, free diving and vehicles, including the unmotivated but spectacular destruction of the built environment. The result is 'Kelly's Heroes' underwater version, evoking also 'GoldenEye' with a tank rampage scene. The team decides to retrieve the gold, and a local woman helps them during the mission, but a Serbian military unit has some unfinished business with the SEALs which can lead to complications. The film gets some momentum after the first hour, and thanks to the underwater scenes and the acting of J.K. Simmons it captures our attention until the finish.
06 September 2017
Hungarian title: Renegátok
French-German action, 90 min, 2017
A group of Navy SEALs find a hidden treasure in the depths of a Bosnian lake.
Directed by:

Steven Quale

Distributor: Big Bang Media
Premiere: 07 September 2017
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