After completing his service in the Israeli Navy, young Yossi Ghinsberg (born in Tel-Aviv) has decided to realize his dream and travel to South-America. In Bolivia he made friends with a Swiss teacher and an American photographer, so they continued their journey together.
In La Paz they meet a mysterious Austrian who says that he is a geologist and offers to guide them to the heart of the uncharted Amazon Jungle in search of gold at a remote indigenous village. They accept and so the little company made by the four men newly acquainted with one another delves into the rainforest, regarding the whole thing as a good adventure and not realizing the dangers they will have to face, not to mention that their leader may also have something up his sleeve.

Director Greg McLean (known for his horror films like 'Wolf Creek' and 'Rogue') has created a spectacular adventure movie/psychological thriller based on the memoire of the real Ghinsberg ('Jungle: A Harrowing True Story of Survival'). The result is exciting but lacks that little plus which would make it unforgettable.

26 October 2017
Hungarian title: Dzsungel
Australian-Colombian adventure, 115 min, 2017
A group of friends hire a leader to find an indian city in the bolivian jungle, but the trip turns out to be more difficult than what they expected.
Directed by:

Greg Mclean

Distributor: Pannonia Entertainment Ltd.
Premiere: 26 October 2017
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