The Big Sick
Every year we are waiting for a witty, charming love comedy to remember and this year it seems that 'The Big Sick' will be that comedy. The story is about Kumail, a young man who works as an Uber driver during the night but during the day he does everything to realize his dream and become a successful stand-up comedian. In the most unexpected moment love crosses his way...
There are films which bring a smile to our face even several days later and 'The Big Sick' is one of this films, being undoubtedly the most honest and the most charming dramedy of the year. Fortunately one year after it had debuted at the Sundance Film Festival we can finally see it in the Hungarian cinemas too. We can say that this movie is the 'Annie Hall' of the late 2010s, starring a young Pakistani, and featuring Uber-dates and all the smart gadgets that characterize our age. It speaks also about prejudice and fear of terrorism. 
The narrative is based on a true story, director and actor Kumail Nanjiani drew inspiration from his own life. He is a successful stand-up comedian in the United States, but most people probably know him for his role in TV series Silicon Valley where he plays a shy Pakistani programmer who is very clumsy with the girls. In real life he seems to be more successful in love, as his wife Emily V. Gordon and himself, they wrote together the script of this movie. And this story is about their love, a story about two amiable people, but also a story about America in these days and the difficulties that second generation migrants have to face as they try to balance their own traditions and the traditions of the society they live in, and how they struggle to find their happiness in the country of possibilities. 

09 November 2017
Hungarian title: Rögtönzött szerelem
American romance, 120 min, 2017
A pakistan- born stand up comedian falls in love with an american girl, but the girl goes into coma and the poor guy has to introduce himself to the parents in this difficult situation
Directed by:

Michael Showalter

Distributor: Vertigo Média
Premiere: 09 November 2017
(14 pictures)

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