Advent Fairs in Budapest

Let's prepare together for Christmas !
Budapest, 30 November 2019 - 29 December 2019
The weeks before Christmas are always special: people walk by the cozy little stands under the colored garlands of lights, looking for Christmas presents or simply enjoying the cheerful atmosphere of the fair. Let's discover the Advent Fairs of Budapest as we are bound to spend quite a lot of time at them, sipping mulled wine and preparing for the winter festivities.
Budapest Christmas Fair 2018 Vörösmarty Square: It is probably the best known fair in the city as it is located right at the center near Deák Square. It is probably the biggest too, you need to know that it will take quite a lot of time if you want to see all the stands as you are walking along Deák Ferenc street. The prices are bound to be a bit higher there as this is one of the most expensive districts mainly frequented by tourists. Various acoustic live concerts will make the program more colorful during the afternoons. 

Advent Fair in Óbuda: They say that this is the most family friendly and cozy fair in Budapest, even people who can't really stand big crowds and noisy places can have a really good time there. The atmosphere is quite magical, and you can find all kinds of delicious and beautiful handcrafted products from cookies and other goodies to creams, clothes and jewellery. There is an ice-rink for children too where you can rent skates if you don't have one. Don't forget to peek into the court of Esernyős café, it is like an enchanted garden where you can have a little rest under the rowan trees.

Advent at the Bazilika
: St. Stephen's Basilica is one of the most important cityscape elements admired by the tourists and the locals alike. So it goes without saying that spending an advent evening there is a special experience you wouldn't like to miss. There is the majestic building of the Basilica, the stands are offering various handcraft products and you can also find a little ice-rink for children. The light projection on the walls of the Basilica is a beautiful spectacle to see and various folklore performances will contribute to create the Christmas atmosphere. Probably the best way to go is to start from Széchenyi Square and walk along Zrínyi Street, it will be a nice little sightseeing tour as well.

Advent at the Castle Garden Bazaar: The Várkert Bazár is like a jewellery box of Buda, a special place where history, culture, architecture and panorama are mixed together into a pleasant coctail. The view of the Danube is magnificent, and from the Bazaar you can walk up to the Buda Castle as well. During the Advent there will be a candle lighting ceremony each Sunday, children can make holiday ornaments and take part in concerts, craft activities, puppet theater performances and traditional Christmas games, and they can visit the Christmas Crib too in the Neo-Renaissance Garden.


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