A rich American couple moves to Paris where they expect to live a life of ease. They have become estranged from each another since a long time but that doesn't prevent them from throwing a dinner party to their friends. When they see that the covers on the table amount to the unfortunate number of 13, their servant Maria receives a couple of strange instructions (like 'Don't speak much!' 'Don't drink much!' 'Don't laugh much!') and then she is invited to the table as a pseudo-guest.
Though Maria doesn't really behave according to the received instructions, one of the illustrious guests falls in love with her none the less. The narrative is far from being smart, the dinner itself fills most of it and there are a lot of stereotypes we are going to hear and see, never once surpassing the level of a Coelho-book. It is a modern adaptation of Cinderella where everyone is running after a more or less genuine happiness, and the little forced lie of Maria doesn't prevent her to be the most honest person in the assembly. The comedy shows us how the elite of society lives and to play the only amiable character is a task which was given to Rossy de Palma. Fortunately she doesn't disappoint us and with her pleasant acting she carries the whole silly story away on her back.
16 November 2017
Hungarian title: Madame
French comedy, 91 min, 2017
Anne and Bob plan a luxorious dinner, but the thirteen plates on the table means bad luck, so they ask their maid to become a madame for this one night
Directed by:

Amanda Sthers

Distributor: ADS Service
Premiere: 16 November 2017
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