Happy Death Day

Mixing romantic comedy 'Groundhog Day' with popular horror 'Scream' is an original idea, and the makers added also a bit of 'American Pie' to make it more pleasant. 'Happy Death Day' was intended to be the most frightening movie of this autumn, but finding the balance between being funny, frightening and romantic may not be easy and in fact we are not sure if this film succeeded at the task.
Tree (Jessica Rothe) is the 'hot chick' of the college in a small American town. The morning of her birthday finds her in the room of a guy she never saw before. It is evidently a one-night stand, so she hurries home, changes her clothes, goes to college, gives a piece of her mind to some people as usual, and then finally she starts out to her birthday party. On the road a masked figure blocks her way and cuts her throat. Then Tree wakes up, and finds herself again in the room of the unknown guy, and at the end of the day she'll die because it's yesterday again, she is trapped in a time loop and can't escape unless she finds out who the murderer may be. Our heroine (just like Bill Murray in Groundhog Day) feels that it's time for some introspection but her sudden change of character (in spite of the special circumstances) is too unmotivated to believe and one can say that it was really much ado for nothing. 

16 November 2017
Hungarian title: Boldog halálnapot!
American horror, 96 min, 2017
Tree is an university student, who wakes up to the same day again and again in which she gets killed by a masked unknown. How could she survive and move on to the next day?
Directed by:

Christopher Landon

Distributor: UIP-Duna Film
Premiere: 16 November 2017
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