Justice League

Bruce Wayne seeks help from his newly acquainted ally, princess Diana. Bad news is they have to face an enemy stronger than all their previous opponents. Without Superman the Earth has become more vulnerable, and the group of metahumans must overcome the powerful army of the immortal Steppenwolf.
Their only chance lies in pulling together, there's no time for practice, and there's no time for getting used to each other. Humanity doesn't have much time left, and lonely wolf Bruce Wayne has to learn how to cooperate with the others. He must have confidence in himself as a leader and also he must trust all the other heroes, his allies in this fight. To succeed at this impossible mission he has got a brand-new tactical outfit, not to mention smart gadgets and cars. Beside the old and new superheroes the movie also features several well known supporting characters. Danny Elfman, who has created the music of the Batman films directed by Tim Burton says that  we will hear again the well known score so the public may feel a little nostalgic too.
16 November 2017
Hungarian title: Az Igazság Ligája
American action, 121 min, 2017
After the death of Superman, Bruce Wayne and Diana decide to recruit a team of super men, in case the world become threatened again, and that is soon to come
Distributor: InterCom
Premiere: 16 November 2017
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