How to get the Budapest Look

Are you interested in fashion? Are you fed up with the ready-to-wear garments sold in most of the shops? Is the quality of the materials important to you and would you like to know how ethic was the making process? This article will show you a couple of Hungarian designers who might be able to satisfy all your special demands. Attention! The following pictures of beautiful clothes may cause an excessive desire to go shopping.
Ille-Olla : Behind this brand there are two sisters. It wouldn't be so important to tell that because you can plainly see the feminine touch on every single coat or cardigan they make if you consider the pure lines, fine material and the perfectionist elaboration that characterize their garments. The main products of ille-olla are cardigans, cardigan-dresses and coats suitable for each season of the year, made of different materials and in different colors. These carefully designed clothes help the wearer to attain an ideal silhouette: the wide collars emphasize the shoulders, the waist will look more slender with the asymmetric fastenings and the marked pockets at the hips compensate the effect of the collar creating the so called hourglass figure. Anyone would find it easy to feel confident in these beautiful coats, becasue they give an attitude which is trendy and classic, but also uncompromising and very feminine at the same time. Sizes from XS to XXXL are available. They create outerwear for men too.  

Evetke : Evetke is definitely for those sunny personalities who always succeed at cheering up the people around them. It's a funny, joyous wear which will provoke a smile to everybody's face but that doesn't mean a lack of earnestness as to the quality and the convenience of these clothes. This is a brand which aims at being colorful, diversified, original and amiable at the same time. The clothes are very comfortable and absolutely fitted for everyday use, so you don't have to choose between looking good and being comfy. A meticulous making process guarantees that every single piece will be individual and irreproachable. If you need something special, maybe a charming little pullover to cheer you up during the winter days, or you would simply like to break the routine of your everyday outfit, Evetke is there to help you out, offering a wide range of useful and amiable garments with a little funny touch, and you know how the song goes : "you never gonna survive unless you get a little crazy"...

Nana's Fashion : This unique story began with a young girl, Drencseva Natali, who lived in Budapest. A girl with Bulgarian descent, having an incredible amount of self-confidence and courage. Thanks to her persistence, today she is one of the youngest successful businesswoman in Europe, being a very sought-after designer and fashion blogger. The style her brand represents is that of a dynamic, purposeful and voguish city dweller. She says she inherited her talent from her grandmother who worked as a textile designer in Bulgaria. The turning point was a journey to London where she discovered her real vocation, so after she returned she decided to commence her studies at Mod'Art specializing in fashion management. Now the clothes she designs can be found not only in Budapest but in many other cities around the world, and the pretty young designer usually serves also as a model when photographing her outfits.

Bajai Zsu : Zsuzsanna Bajai designs clothes since her high-school years. That she enjoys very much this occupation is not a question, because the clothes she creates are reflecting that serene, untroubled delight they were made with. The style is elegant, timeless and pure, the pieces are well-cut but there are always some subtle details which make them unique and playful at the same time, some little braidery, or a heart-shaped ornament, a charming little collar: anything that expresses that relaxed 'joie de vivre' that Bajai Zsu seems to personify. Cheerful colors, intriguing patterns, classic dress cut, and the use of fine materials like cotton wool and silk - this is what characterize her clothes. She doesn't follow any current fashion trend, instead, she goes after her own head and creative fantasy, often finding inspiration in Mediterranean cities like Rome or Barcelona. As she not just designs but also sews the clothes herself, no two are alike, so when we wear them we can be sure that we wouldn't see a similar outfit walking down the road.


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