Escape Room

This low budget thriller is directed by Will Wernick, a relatively unknown director who drew inspiration from a hidden fear that most of us might have felt too: our fear from escape rooms.
We can agree that getting stuck in an escape room where strange things are happening is frightening enough, not to mention the possibility that someone might hunt for us inside and then suddenly our life is at stake. For Tyler and his friends this imaginary situation will turn into a terrible reality surpassing their worst nightmares. It begins as an innocent game: Tyler gets an invitation from his girlfriend who intends to give him an interesting birthday present. The invitation is for four persons so they start out with their friends, another young couple being in their 30s. The game gets more and more difficult and after one of them disappears they realize that their life is in danger and they might not get out alive from the escape room.
23 November 2017
Hungarian title: Szabadulószoba
American thriller, 81 min, 2017
Tyler gets tickets for an escape room as a present for his 30th birthday from his girlfriend: he takes his friends to the mysterious room but soon they realise they are playing with their lifes.
Directed by:

Will Wernick

Distributor: Big Bang Media
Premiere: 23 November 2017
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