Seven Sisters
The science-fiction of Tommy Wirkola is taking place in an imaginary future where each couple can have only one child because of the overpopulation. It is almost impossible to outwit this drastic policy but Terrence Settman must do everything to protect his family.
Seven identical sisters live a secluded, secret life in their apartment. They were taught by their grandfather to pretend that they are all one person named Karen Settman after their deceased mother. The Child Allocation Bureau must never discover the truth about the family, because that would mean that six of them couldn't continue her life. Each girl has one day of the week when she can step out of the apartment and live as Karen Settman. But this game is not without dangers, and when one of the sisters disappears, the other girls start to panic. In spite of the interesting start, the sci-fi of Tommy Wirkola is not over-smart and tends to simplify things. It seems like the director dedicated more attention to the action scenes than to the narrative. Though the acting of Noomi Rapace (who plays the seven sisters) is really engaging, this film could have been much better with a little more work on the script.
23 November 2017
Hungarian title: Hét nővér
American-British-Belgian-French thriller, 123 min, 2017
The world is overcrowded, only one child is allowed in a family, therefore the Settman twins has to hide and act like they are the same person.
Directed by:

Tommy Wirkola

Distributor: Vertigo Média
Premiere: 23 November 2017
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