Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle

In the previous Jumanji film the world of fantasy stepped into the real world, and in the sequel the real world ventures into the world of fantasy. Four adolescens discover a video game and they are drawn into the game's jungle setting and find themselves in the body of the adult avatar they chose.
When it leaked out that Sony Studios want a sequel regardless of Robin Williams' death, the fans stated that it would be senseless to do it. The fact that Dwayne Johnson joined the crew was little consolation to them. Then the first photos appeared and Karen Gillan's little short made the feminists mad, in vain the makers debated that they only wanted to parodize the woman figures of the old video games.
After the first trailers the production had a little peace as it became evident that it is a new story with new characters who are drawn into the game in different bodies (for example the 'hot chick' of the high-school is stuck in Jack Black's body). Apart from the intriguing setting there are some really spectacular action scenes too. Those who saw the film at the Dubai Film Festival was satisfied with it as a nice family adventure.
21 December 2017
Hungarian title: Jumanji: Vár a dzsungel
American adventure, 119 min, 2017
Four teenagers discover an old video game and they literelly get absorbed into the game.
Directed by:

Jake Kasdan

Distributor: InterCom
Premiere: 21 December 2017
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