A hentes, a kurva és a félszemű

This film entitled 'The Butcher, the Whore and the One-Eyed Man' is inspired by true events. The scandalous story of Gusztáv Léderer and his wife caused quite a stir in the '20s. The brutal murder they had committed made headlines for several weeks and was the subject of local gossip long after the case had ended. Szász János, the director of 'Le Grand Cahier' adapted the story for the big screen, shooting it in black and white.
Basically we see the story of a love triangle unfolding on the screen, but instead of love it's better to speak of lust and possession in this case. Instead of true emotions there's a lot of lying and self-delusion from the characters' side. As a spectator we will find it difficult to like the movie and not just because of the extremely antipathic characters, but also because their behaviour is so primitive and animal-like that sometimes it is nearing a parody. One can get the substance of the story rather quickly, and after it might become a bit redundant proceeding towards the inevitable end, so the public will probably feel that the narrative is too weak to make that 105 minutes really interesting.
25 January 2018
Hungarian title: A hentes, a kurva és a félszemű
Hungarian drama, 105 min, 2017
The well of butcher lives like a king in post war Hungary. One day, his old business associate, the disgraced, one-eyed gendarme shows up in his village with a woman, who immediately cathes the butchers attention.
Directed by:

Szász János

Distributor: Big Bang Media
Premiere: 25 January 2018
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