The Babadook
Amelia is a single mother raising her child alone. Her husband died years ago, on the exact day when their son Samuel was born. Seven years have passed since, but Amelia still has not recovered from the loss and the fact that Samuel is not an ordinary kid doesn't make her situation any easier.
One night Amelia finds a children's book entitled The Babadook, which is not exactly a fairy tale but a rather threatening story about a dark figure which carries people to their death. She tries not to notice that their house became sourrounded by dark forces but nevertheless the Babadook slowly takes over their home and her solitude, fear and remorse becomes a neurosis which drives her crazy.

The debut movie of Jennifer Kent was hailed as the horror film of 2014 and the critics were happy that the genre seemed to get new stamina with 'The Babadook'.
01 February 2018
Hungarian title: A Babadook
Australian-Canadian horror, 93 min, 2014
A widowed mother's daily struggles heat up when she finds out that her son is haunted by a gruesome creature.
Directed by:

Jennifer Kent

Distributor: Pannonia Entertainment Ltd.
Premiere: 01 February 2018
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