Call Me by Your Name
8/10 (1)
Young Elio spends every summer with his family in picturesque Northern Italy. His father is a professor and he always invites one of his pupils to spend the summer with them as a trainee. This year it's Oliver from America who arrives at the family's 17th century villa. Soon he manages to charm everybody but most of all Elio. For the boy this summer will be the end of everything, and the beginning of something new.
Director Luca Guadagnino (Io sono l'amore, A Bigger Splash) has created a love story with elemental force. He gives a new sense to the 'best summer of my life' movies, and presents the fragile, beautiful-painful world of adolescence authenticly, sweeping aside all the prejudice and preconceptions about gay people. The movie is based on the acclaimed novel by André Aciman, and the script was written by James Ivory (A Room with a View, The Remains of the Day) who seems to know rather well the anatomy of love and the values of the European high society. The film received rave reviews everywhere because of the fresh perspective it gives us on a well-known subject, being very sensual but delicately ethereal at the same time. It is a beautiful closing piece to Guadagnino's Desire Trilogy.
07 February 2018
Hungarian title: Szólíts a neveden
American-Brazilian-French-Italian romantic drama, 132 min, 2017
The 17-year-old Elio's family vacation takes an interesting turn when a new trainee arrives to work with his father.
Directed by:

Luca Guadagnino

Distributor: InterCom
Premiere: 08 February 2018
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