Tehran Taboo

The first feature animation of Ali Soozandeh tells a sad tale which focuses on four young people and their lives: a prostitute who wants to divorce while her drug-addict husband is in prison, a pregnant woman who longs for a job but her husband wants her to remain a housewife, a girl desperately in need of a doctor to sew her up, and a young musician whose music is rejected by the state.
These four people are connected by a tall building and their longing for freedom. We can see how sex, drugs and corruption are present in the society, but there is also a strict state religion which punishes every misdemeanour from the side of the citizens. Tehran is a busy metropolis where you can get everything for money, but in the other hand people get arrested if they are walking hand-in-hand and they are not married. Moreover, one also has to be careful with parabolic antennas. The animation technique started off with live actors, who were redrawn by computers. This method is very efficient for presenting the duplicity which lies beneath every layer of the daily life in Tehran. What's missing from the film is the ray of hope, something that would show how to move forward.
07 February 2018
Hungarian title: Teheráni tabuk
German-Austrian animation, 90 min, 2017
In today's Tehran four youngsters desperately search for happiness and freedom by pushing the limits of a strict and oppressive islamic society.
Directed by:

Ali Soozandeh

Distributor: Cirko Film
Premiere: 08 February 2018
(14 pictures)

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