Good bye extra weight, hello sports ! - II.

You don't really fancy being in crowded gyms but you don't like the idea of doing push-ups at home all alone either ? Let's stir things up a bit, and have a look at some of the coolest sport activities which are very much in vogue nowadays. Don't be shy, try your hands at something new! Hopefully everybody can pick one from this list, as you know it's never too early to start building that shapely dream silhouette for the summer...
Let's begin with an eternal classic, running. Running will never be old fashioned and nowadays more and more people practice it to prevent the health problems that modern urban life can cause. Among the many advantages we should mention that it's cheap, and you can do it whenever or wherever you want. Well almost. And you can adjust it to your special demands : you can choose the company or the music, decide whether you get more motivated with a couple of running camarades, or whether you would listen to a motivating rock playlist. But maybe you just want to let yourself be impressed by the song of birds and the calm of nature. Whether you want to overcome the kilometers or whether you just want to be on form, check the famous Margaret-island jogging route which is a perfect place to train yourself.

Aerial hoop
If the world of circus acrobats has always enchanted you, then don't hesitate : try your skills in the air! While you learn how to do those graceful and elegant movements in the embrace of the aerial hoop, your muscles will develop from hour to hour. It is also a good way to enhance your self-confidence, because maybe at first sight you would think that the exercises are too hard to execute properly in the air, but believe that you may discover the hidden, graceful acrobat inside you. The height of the hoop can be adjusted according to the level of the person who uses it, so don't worry you surely won't fall out of it while practicing.

Pole fitness
Another form of aereal acrobatics is the so called pole fitness, which lives its renaissance nowadays. This activity is not about bar dancing and there is nothing to underestimate about it. Moreover, it does miracles with your muscles, as you have to be strong and flexible at the same time. It takes a lot of time and exercise to master these technique and it will be a hard work of weeks or months to learn how to execute the breathtaking figures on the pole. It will enhance your endurance, your self-confidence, keep you in good condition and make you look more feminine.

Pound Fitness
Imagine for a moment that you can mix the intensity of Zumba fitness with all the positive energy and dynamics of your favourite concerts. Well, it's not as impossible as you would think. If you want to be a rock star for an hour and give your whole body a boost of energy, then Pound fitness is definitely your thing. All you need is a pair of drumsticks and a positive disposition. Let yourself go, enjoy the music, and discover the advantages of modern rhythmical fitness.

Beside running there is one more classic activity which stays popular forever: the yoga. Nowadays more and more new branches grow out of it, so everybody can find the one that suits him/her the best. Those who suffer from back ache can choose the yoga which focuses on soothing the muscles around the spine, those who would like to achieve more flexibility can choose the Bikram yoga, for women there are special yoga courses helping to maintain the balance of their cycle, and the impatient ones can choose power yoga, which is more dynamic and you can loose weight more quickly while practicing it. Moreover, it's good to know that this ancient traditional activity not only trains your body but also your keeps the harmony of your soul.

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