Early Man

Often we regard Aardman studios as the kings of stop motion technique. It is true that they rarely create a new film, but when they finally create it, then one can expect a real big hit.
The creators of 'Chicken Run' and 'Wallace & Gromit' had gone back to the dawn of time, and choose the prehistoric age as the setting of their story. The narrative is rather simple: the fate of a primitive tribe is depending on a football match. Young Dug (with his pet Hognob) decides that he must save his home and he tries to unite the whole tribe against evil Lord Nooth. There is no point in describing the story further, because Aardman studios simply regard the setting and the narrative as a source of hilarious dialogues and situations. Perhaps the only fault of the film is that (despite of the super cute characters) it doesn't really touches on our emotions. It seems like they are contented themselves with making our stomach ache after laughing so much.
15 February 2018
Hungarian title: Ősember - Kicsi az ős, de hős!
British-French animation, 90 min, 2018
When everyone in his tribe resigns themselves to defeat and exile, Dug comes up with a not so thought-through but courageous plan to save the day.
Directed by:

Nick Park

Distributor: Mozinet
Premiere: 15 February 2018
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