Red Sparrow
10/10 (1)
Dominika Egorova's career as a ballet-dancer ends suddenly because of an injury. Still she has to pay the rent somehow and also pay the doctors to help her ill mother. To top her misfortunes she's got a bullying uncle who persuades her to become a spy-prostitute, and her first target turns out to be a tough one.
This Russian spy story could have tourned out differently, if you consider that it is based on the novel of a former CIA operative, Jason Matthews. But don't get your hopes up, probably you would find more excitement in an average TV show than in this movie because of the unidimensional characters. The actors are suffering in underwritten roles, Joel Edgerton looks rather stoical to the end and Jennifer Lawrence never seemed so American than now, trying to convince us with a thick Russian accent and a lot of nudity, without an ounce of chemistry between the two of them. The narrative follows Dominika who goes through a special training ( a 'whore-school' as she puts it) and then she is charged with the mission of traveling to Budapest(!) and identifying a Russian double agent. After suffering various debasements the young woman is toughened and she is becoming more and more like a soulless terminator. Until unexpectedly she realizes that she is getting more close to her target than it would be advisable. It is not the most original story and even for the spy-fans it will probably feel rather stale because of the lack of enthusiasm from the side of the actors.
01 March 2018
Hungarian title: Vörös veréb
American thriller, 142 min, 2018
Dominika was trained by the Russian intelligence service to get information by seducing men. Her current target, a CIA agent however proves to be a real challenge.
Directed by:

Francis Lawrence

Distributor: Fórum Hungary
Premiere: 01 March 2018
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