The life of a travelling theatre group is fraught with difficulties: besides the constant uncertainty they have to face day by day, a bad scuffle breaks out following one of their performances. A young soldier finds himself in trouble, and he must join the group of strolling players. He has no idea of the adventures that are waiting for him on the road...
The narrative unfolds in the 19th century, when travelling theatre groups rambled on the roads of Hungary, trying to make a living by giving random performances at the settlements they crossed. It surely seems very anachronistic today, besides, it seems that the director has been a bit uncertain about the story he wanted to tell, sometimes it's hard to find the logic behind the events which follow, and one misses that central purpose which would pull the whole film together. On the other hand, it's an amiable film about an other era, about solidarity and togetherness. The strolling players are really dependent on each other, they have to learn how to tolerate and support one another. Maybe that's the final message this film wants us to understand.
08 March 2018
Hungarian title: Vándorszínészek
Hungarian tragicomedy, 102 min, 2018
A group of strolling players travel across Hungary hoping that one day, they will get into a theatre in Pest.
Directed by:

Sándor Pál

Distributor: Big Bang Media
Premiere: 08 March 2018
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