Akvárium Spring Terrace

acoustic / pop / rock / indie
Budapest, Akvárium Klub, 03 April 2020 - 19 April 2020
One of the surest signs that spring has arrived to the city is that Deák tér suddenly filles up with strolling people and Akvárium klub opens its terrace to provide a cozy meeting point for friends. Thanks to the excellent location of the club, right in the middle of Erzsébet Square, it is offering an easily accessible and pleasant environment to everybody who wants to spend a lovely spring afternoon drinking beer and listening to music.

Spring terrace was invented 3 years ago on the initiative of Hungarian radio channel Petőfi and popular concert venue Akvárium klub. The plan has been realized within the confines of the Budapest Spring Festival, and the first season in 2017 was a nice success, no wonder that spring terrace opens again this year. It aims at providing a possibility for singer-songwriters to introduce themselves to the public, performing their repertoire at this chic place frequented by many people. All the tourists and locals who pass by can stop there and enjoy the free concerts if they choose to, and they can also seat themselves at the little tables and order a beer or two. In case of bad weather the concerts will be held indoors.


3rd of April 18.00 Meteo Electric Circuit Jazz Duo
4th of April 16.30 Nóvé Soma (Middlemist Red)
4th of April 18.00 Tess Parks
5th of April 11.00 Concert for children (Kaláka)
5th of April 18.00 Barabás Lőrinc Live Act
7th of April 18.00 Molnár Tamás Solo Session
8th of April 17.30 Ohnody
8th of April 19.00 Kama (Mary Popkids)
9th of April 17.30 Platon Karataev Duo
9th of April 19.00 Willie J Healey
14th of April 17.30 The O'Sullivan Three
14th of April 19.00 Lázár Brothers (Esti Kornél)
15th of April 17.30 Szabó Benedek
15th of April 19.00 Jaye Bartell
16th of April 17.30 Mayberian Oldschool
16th of April 19.00 Alasdair MacLean (The Clientele)
17th of April 17.30 Henri Gonzo
17th of April 19.00 Zabumba
18th of April 17.30 Mark & Jason (Mörk)
18th of April 19.00 Járai Márk
19th of April 15.00 Barkóczi Noémi
19th of April 16.30. Picastro
19th of April 18.00 Great Lake Swimmers
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