Ready Player One
The novel of Ernest Cline is finally adapted to the big screen by Steven Spielberg. It is hardly a surprise, considering the fact that the author grew up on Spielberg's movies, and his book is brimming with pop-cultural references which are often connected to the acclaimed director's cult films.
The narrative unfolds in a dystopic future : it is 2045 and people escape the harsh and bleak reality by plunging into a virtual world called the Oasis. There they can have the time of their lives and do whatever they want, the only limit is their imagination. Oasis was founded by a strange and eccentric man called James Halliday. Before he died, he revealed that the person who would inherit his fortune and also total control over the Oasis must solve a complicated puzzle he had made directly for that purpose. No wonder that everybody feels motivated and a huge chase follows with lots of rivalry between the players. The problem is that an evil corporation also joins the contest, threatening civilization if they can lay their hands on Oasis. A shy teenage boy and his handful of friends are determined to save their precious virtual world, but if they want to succeed, they have to learn how to read between the lines as they plunge deeper into the memories of the late Halliday. 

According to most of the critics, 'Ready Player One' is a superbly made, visually stunning and spectacular film, which Spielberg fans can't help loving despite of the fact that every time the story leaves the virtual world it becomes less intriguing and most of the characters lack real depth. The film also pictures a relevant image of people's reaction to the Web, and how digital interaction can undermine one's ability of connecting to people in real life. 
27 March 2018
Hungarian title: Ready Player One
American sci-fi, 140 min, 2018
When the developer of the virtual reality called Oasis dies, he leaves an easter egg behind. The one who finds it will be the new emperor of Oasis. Of course such a big stake starts a huge chase.
Directed by:

Steven Spielberg

Distributor: InterCom
Premiere: 29 March 2018
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