Tale of Tales

Garrone’s film features three fables drawn from the Pentamerone, a 17th-century book of Neapolitan folk stories compiled by the Italian poet Giambattista Basile. It is a dream-like (or nightmarish) experience to watch this unique, flamboyant and dark adult fairy tale on the big screen.
The three stories are loosely connected to each other as they take place in neighbouring kingdoms, and each narrative focuses on a woman, standing before a pivotal point of her life.
A strong-willed Queen (Salma Hayek) wants a child at any cost, but despite her grim determination a little error occurs, so that his albino son will have an unwished for twin-brother, to complicate things.
In another kingdom, a not too young but very sex-mad king falls in love with a beautiful voice, and doesn't notice that the girl he covets is in reality an old woman. When he realizes his fault he wants to punish her, but a strange enchantment follows. However, all that glitters may not be gold, as the king is soon forced to learn.
The third story is focuses on the young daughter of a vain and foolish king. The princess has to marry, but her father abandoned her for the sake of his pet, a giant flea. While the king gives all his attention to the flea, he throws his daughter voluntarily into the arms of an ogre.
31 May 2018
Hungarian title: Szörnyek és szerelmek
British-French-Italian fantasy, 132 min, 2015
Dark fairytales about kings and queens and monsters in a peculiar fantasy world.
Directed by:

Matteo Garrone

Distributor: Pannonia Entertainment Ltd.
Premiere: 31 May 2018
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