The Dancing Conductor

Budapest Premiere !
Budapest, Várkert Bazár, 20 July 2018 Friday 20:30
Within the confines of Dance Bazaar, FlamenCorazónArte Dance Theatre presents an authentic flamenco performance featuring lovely and talented dance artist Zsófia Pirók and also special guests from Andalusia. After the show the audience can participate in a short course to pick up some basic steps and feel the good vibes.
In classical music the role of the person who directs the performance of an orchestra or choir is most decisive. This person is the conductor, who not only commands the musicians, but with his gestures and personality he also becomes a part of the piece he conducts. Dancing flamenco is a similar experience, because thanks to the special footwork the dancer can dictate the rhythm. The musicians pay attention to every single movement, and they follow the dancer carefully on their instruments. This way, in an improvised manner, the performer becomes the creator of the piece as well, listening intuitively to his/her own instincts and emotions.


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