Fran Palermo & Middlemist Red

indie / rock / psychedelic / jungle
Budapest, Budapest Park, 12 September 2019 18:00
Two of the most important and current young bands of Hungary organize a special gig together at Budapest Park. Sullen psychedelia and badass jungle rock on the same stage? Well, that sounds like a night to remember.


Middlemist Red is often regarded as the resurrector of psychedelic rock in Hungary, no wonder they are now considered to be the real kings of the genre here. They erupted like a hand grenade on the local music scene five years ago: they were young, talented and they went after their own heads. Soon they obtained a wide range of fans and received several acknowledgements like winning the Deezer Young Guns international competition in 2014.

Fran Palermo has brought a unique and unimitable music to the Hungarian scene. No wonder that this young multicultural band has become a real favourite among the public through the last 2 years, and their career goes on ascending. They have probably the most colorful sound you can get here these days, and their notable repertoire is ranging from Arabian-flavored disco to Mediterranean seaside melancholy and badass indie rock.


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