Following the great success of 'The Hangover', it seems that it is becoming a tradition at Warner Bros. Pictures that every year an embarassing R rated comedy must be made about adults displaying childish behaviour and making a fool of themselves. 'Tag' is part of that tradition, but fortunately has a great heart underneath the clumsy gags.
The story is simple: a handful of former school friends organize an annual game of tag that requires some to travel all over the country. Moreover, they tend to become a bit over-enthusiastic about it and take things a little too far, regardless of the consequences. That results in many hilarious and also in many painful situations (mixed with some action scenes), but nevertheless this movie is a very likeable one and it does great job telling people about how important it is to have a couple of lifelong friends, and how good it feels sometimes to liberate our inner child and play carelessly with chums. The makers hope it will inspire the spectators to keep in touch with old pals and treasure these connections throughout their lives.

04 July 2018
Hungarian title: Haverok harca
American comedy, 100 min, 2018
A group of old classmates organise a game, which requires to travel around the country.
Directed by:

Jeff Tomsic

Distributor: InterCom
Premiere: 05 July 2018
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