Festival of Folk Arts

Celebrate together the 20th of August!
Budapest, Budavári Palota, 17 August 2019 - 20 August 2019
20th of August is our greatest national holiday, celebrated with day-long festivities and spectacular fireworks throughout the country. It commemorates the foundation of the Hungarian state, and besides other colorful programs it is also part of the tradition that beautiful Buda Castle transforms into an old time fair hosting the ever-popular Festival of Folk Arts.
The festival, which evokes the ambiance of old-time fairs, is the year’s long-expected family event where we can try our hands at different folk crafts and admire the splendid artwork of craftsmen. A full-day event enriched with wonderful stage programs brings an unforgettable experience to all ages. Family programs will feature traditional games and sports. The little ones in the Babies’ Playground can have a good time relaxing while those who are eager to try traditional folk logic games and sports will be delighted to discover more and more fun.

The featured topic of the 33rd Festival of Folk Arts will be the crafting of traditional footwear, with special attention given to the slippers made in Szeged, in the South of Hungary, which have been the subject of renewed cultural interest in recent years. Visitors will be greeted with exhibitions and fashion shows. The shoemaker who has earned the ‘best shoemaker of the world’ title will be among the folk art masters whose family has been handing down the secrets and trades of shoe making from generation to generation. The shoes are made by traditional methods, ensuring they fit their wearer perfectly. Though the shoes are usually made of calfskin, some one-of-a-kind shoes have been made from crocodile skin, salmon, shark, ray, ostrich or even eel skin. The Festival hosts shoemakers from as far away as Morocco and Iceland. A renowned Turkish shoemaker master will display some of the shoes they created for the Harry Potter movies.
St. Stephen's Day also marks the festival of the new bread celebrated in cities and towns across the country. Traditionally, the first bread from the new harvest is baked on this day. So, the attendees can expect that there will be an array of delicious food to sample, putting special emphasis on traditional Hungarian plates.

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